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Graber, Cynthia (2004)
"Viva Brasil! Pernambuco is the most cherished of all bow woods, but will it still be here tomorrow?,"
STRINGS XVIII(9/119), 64-69.
  ID: 14039  Literatur Type: article

Scott, Heather K. (2004)
"Elements of Sound - Carbon-fiber bows gain ground with a growing cadre of cellists,"
STRINGS XVIII(8/118), 77-82.
  ID: 14038  Literatur Type: article

Aikin, Jim (2004)
"Going to extremes - plugging in can open up a whole new world of sound,"
STRINGS XVIII(8/118), 69-75.
  ID: 14037  Literatur Type: article

McKeough, Kevin (2004)
"The young lions, a new generation picks up the tools of the trade,"
STRINGS XVIII(8/118), 63-68.
  ID: 14036  Literatur Type: article

Templeton, David (2004)
"Finger Tips - Few things bring down the musical hand faster than damaged digits,"
STRINGS XVIII(7/117), 18-21.
  ID: 13818  Literatur Type: article

McKean, James N. (2003)
"The Patron Saint of Sound: Norman Pickering,"
STRINGS 18(4 (Nov/ Dec 2003)), 101-102.
  ID: 13817  Literatur Type: article

Templeton, David (2003)
"Fetching the Stick: Comissioning a Bow,"
STRINGS 18(3 (Oct 2003)), 86-89.
  ID: 13816  Literatur Type: article

McKeough, Kevin (2003)
"Made in China,"
STRINGS 18(3 (Oct 2003)), 78-84.
  ID: 12862  Literatur Type: article

Croen, Tom (2002)
"When Good Pegs Go Bad,"
STRINGS 39874(100), 34-37.
  ID: 12881  Literatur Type: article

"2002 Buyer’s Guide (Keine Artikel),"
STRINGS 17(103).
  ID: 13579  Literatur Type: article

Sullivan, Patrick (2002)
"Sunken Treasure: Recovered Tonewood,"
STRINGS 17(8 (May 2003)).
  ID: 13578  Literatur Type: article

Sullivan, Patrick (2002)
"Open Studio: the Oberlin Violin Making Workshop,"
STRINGS 17(7 (April 2003)), 77-81.
  ID: 13068  Literatur Type: article

SCOTT, Heather K. (2002)
"Made in Germany: Paesold,"
STRINGS 17(4), 85-90.
  ID: 13067  Literatur Type: article

SCOTT, Heather K. (2002)
"Bohemian Rhapsody: fourth-generation Czech violin maker Jan Spidlen is on a quest,"
STRINGS 17(4), 78-83.
  ID: 13001  Literatur Type: article

SCOTT, Heather K. (2002)
"CARBON FIBER BOWS are hot items these days... what´s the right one for you?,"
STRINGS 17(3), 72-80.
  ID: 12985  Literatur Type: article

Kaden, Patricia (2002)
"Dressed for Success: Michael Sowden, horsehair dresser, has the world on a string,"
STRINGS, 118-121.
  ID: 12646  Literatur Type: article

Mc Kean, James N. (2001)
"Try a Little Tenderness,"
STRINGS 7/8 2001(96), 32-35.
  ID: 12645  Literatur Type: article

Kimura, Mari (2001)
"The World Below G. Subharmonics extend the violin’s range,"
STRINGS 7/8 2001(96), 24-29.
  ID: 12568  Literatur Type: article

Brun, Paul (2000)
"A New History of the Double Bass (rew. Mark Morton),"
STRINGS Nov/Dez 2000(7990), 84-86.
  ID: 12482  Literatur Type: article

Freiberg, Sarah (2000)
"Searching for the Perfect Endpin,"
STRINGS Nov/Dez 2000(7990), 40-43.
  ID: 12569  Literatur Type: article

Planyavsky, Alfred (2000)
"The Baroque Double Bass Violone (rew. Mark Morton),"
STRINGS Nov/Dez 2000(7990).
  ID: 12567  Literatur Type: article

Shapter, Laurin (2000)
"Injury Prevention and Healing through Yoga,"
STRINGS Nov/Dez 2000(90), 34-39.
  ID: 12055  Literatur Type: article

Soros, Bianca (2000)
"Birth of the Electric Viola,"
STRINGS 83(39969), 106.
  ID: 12223  Literatur Type: article

Mc Kean, James N. (2000)
"Framed (The Purpose of Purfling),"
STRINGS 83(4), 40-42.
  ID: 12453  Literatur Type: article

Barbieri, Susan M. (1999)
"Market Report - Handmade or Factory-Made?,"
STRINGS(79), 26-89.

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