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Ashley, Richard (2009)
"Musical improvisation,"
in The Oxford Handbook of Music Psychology, edited by Susan Hallam and Ian Cross and Michael H. Thaut (Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK [u.a.]) p. 413-420.
  ID: 11011  Literatur Type: inproceedings

Ashley, Richard (1997)
"Expressive performance in jazz, take 2: Ranges of expressive timing in jazz melodies,"
in Proceedings of the 3rd ESCOM Conference (GABRIELSSON, Alf, Uppsala (S)) p. 499-503.
  ID: 11083  Literatur Type: misc

Ashley, Richard (1997)
"As Time Goes by: Learning and Melodic Expressiveness in Jazz Ballad Perfomance,"
 (VAN RHEENEN, Connie, Cambridge/MA) p. 37.
  ID: 10985  Literatur Type: inproceedings

Ashley, Richard (1996)
"Aspects of Expressive Timing in Jazz Ballad Performance,"
in Proceedings of the 4th ICMPC (PENNYCOOK, Bruce, COSTA-GIOMI, Eugenia, MontrĂ©al (CA)) p. 485-490.

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