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Sundberg, Johan; Thalén, Margareta, and Popeil, Lisa (2012)
"Substyles of Belting: Phonatory and Resonatory Characteristics,"
Journal of Voice 26(1), 44-50.
  ID: 17751  Literatur Type: article

Lebowitz, Amy and Baken, R. J. (2011)
"Correlates of the Belt Voice: A Broader Examination,"
Journal of Voice 25(2), 159-165.
  ID: 17995  Literatur Type: article

LeBorgne, Wendy DeLeo; Lee, Linda; Stemple, Joseph C., and Bush, Heather (2010)
"Perceptual Findings on the Broadway Belt Voice,"
Journal of Voice 24(6), 678-689.
  ID: 17507  Literatur Type: article

Björkner, Eva (2008)
"Musical Theater and Opera Singing — Why So Different? A Study of Subglottal Pressure, Voice Source, and Formant Frequency Characteristics,"
Journal of Voice 22(5), 533-540.
  ID: 17556  Literatur Type: article

Hoffmann-Ruddy, Bari; Lehmann, Jeffrey; Crandell, Carl; Ingram, David, and Sapienza, Christine (2001)
"Laryngostroboscopic, Acoustic, and Environmental Characteristics of High-Risk Vocal Performers,"
Journal of Voice 15(4), 543-552 .
  ID: 17851  Literatur Type: article

Weiss, Rudolf; Brown, Jr., W. S., and Morris, Jack (2001)
"Singer’s Formant in Sopranos: Fact or Fiction?,"
Journal of Voice 15(4), 457-468 .
  ID: 17782  Literatur Type: article

Sundberg, Johan (2001)
"Level and Center Frequency of the Singer’s Formant,"
Journal of Voice 15(2), 176-186.
  ID: 17365  Literatur Type: article

Bestebreurtje, Martine E. and Schutte, Harm K. (2000)
"Resonance Strategies for the Belting Style: Results of a Single Female Subject Study,"
Journal of Voice 14(2), 194-204.
  ID: 11483  Literatur Type: article

Sundberg, Johan; Leanderson, Rolf, and Von Euler, Curt (1989)
"Activity Relationship Between Diaphragm and Cricothyroid Muscles,"
Journal of Voice 3(3), 225-232.
  ID: 11482  Literatur Type: article

Gramming, Patricia; Sundberg, Johan; Ternström, Sten; Leanderson, Rolf, and Perkins, William H. (1988)
"Relationship Between Changes in Voice Pitch and Loudness,"
Journal of Voice 2(2), 118-126.
  ID: 10085  Literatur Type: article

Leanderson, R. and Sundberg, J. (1988)
"Breathing for Singing,"
Journal of Voice, 40148.

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