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The Department of Music Acoustics (Wiener Klangstil) is a transdisciplinary research institute at the University of Music and performing Arts Vienna. Besides basic research, a main focus is on applied research particularly the acoustics of musical instruments and its influences on playing technique. Get informed about our research work, current and past projects, the courses and lectures offered by the institute, our Online Literature Database and more...

Some of our research topics are:

  • acoustic properties and functionality of Musical Instruments
  • computer aided Optimization and Customizing
  • particularities of the Viennese Instruments and its consequences on playing technique
  • Physiological Acoustics and Ppsychoacoustics
  • development of measurement methods for the evaluation of the musical quality of instruments

From this follows that – besides our obligation to teach – we:

  • help and give assistance to instrument makers
  • assist students with their Master thesis or PHD thesis.
  • offer consulting services to musicians, scientists and other target groups


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