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Wooden Musical Instrument Conservation and Knowledge

Project number: FPS COST Action FB1302
Project leader: Sandie Le Conte (Cite de la musique, Paris)
Austrian Representative: Gregor Widholm
Cooperation partners: researchers and Institutions from 24 European countries
Date of approval: 04 04 2013
Project start: 06 11 2013
Project end: 05 11 2017

Project website:

WoodMusICK aims to combine forces and to foster research on wooden musical instruments in order to preserve and develop the dissemination of knowledge on musical instruments in Europe through inter disciplinary research. The program involves curators and conservators on the one side, wood scientists, chemists and acousticians on the other side, and finally, researchers in organology and making of instruments.

Topics: Xylology / Dendrochronology, Optical methods, Wood mechanics, Organology, Musicology and musical iconography, Musical instrument conservation, Mechanics and Acoustics, Diagnosis and conservation of wooden musical heritage.

Meetings and Conferences: Paris (February 2014), Cremona (October 2014), Ljubljana (June 2015), London (September 2015), will be continued.


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